On top again

Insufficient crystal and needs to farm more bro and it takes a long period again for crafting :joy:

Hard. :rofl:

Ideas to farm with no more dead. Just play your second hero with dps or demonic / mercenary / électrocution and stack effect and It’s free farm

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Here’s the suggestion bro, if you want to make a CF/Frozen build combo worked is try to change the element of your bow into fire while your bomb into ice. To make a quick kills of the Cart on the combo is:

  1. Come to the Cart itself

2.Spam taunt skills to make the ice effect as well to compressed them for the Frozen effect after kill and

  1. Spam bow for the fire and Crushing Blow effect and boom!! :joy:
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I play with duo Frozen.
I play bomb fire to taunt and create explosion with explosive affixes, the Crushing flammes + taunt + Crushing blow + explosive = deadly. I play Storm and Storm proc to freeze in Aoe

On wizard build, Shield works like wrath to destroy destructibles but it create slow effect. And my skullshield make the job.
This build are not made to create dps but they are optimized to drop item and cristal. The second hero will Make damages.

I Can farm with only one hand and with my other hand I… I… :grimacing: Well, i play with one hand

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My suggestion bro looks better because the Crushing Flames effect is hard to appear when the element of your MH is not a fire element. Switch them bro, trust me it works :muscle:

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I will test it :smirk: but on my rogue build i play with trickster pet. So i create mirror image with the element of OH. I also create Frozen and Fire Storm with mirrorimage :+1:

Good Luck for your farm and thank you

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only 1 Storm will be causing damage at a time. so if you Proc a Storm while casting a Storm, only one will be causing damage and the other will not exist.


Yeah that’s right and the elemental Crit that has a Max cap if 60% but in his Rogue toon is nearly 90%

the Elemental Crit on the Stat Page basically is for the Wizard Wizardry Talent, at least from what I know. if a Player wanted, you could put +100% Elemental Crit on your Build.

the one reason you wouldn’t want to have your E. Crit that high is that after an enemy is Elemental Crit about 5-6 times, it becomes immune for awhile to the E. Crit. when fighting monsters on higher floors with low damage builds, after a few minutes, the E. Crits start again, but I haven’t really tested for that, to see what the parameters are in those situations, and if it applies to all Elements or only some.

so for low attack speed builds, you want high E. Crit, and for high attack speed builds, you want it low. that way, you spread out the times you actually E. Crit your enemies and not have useless affixes after they become immune, even if for a short time, to your E. Crits.


Daaaammnn!! So witty :joy:

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Absolutely… broken :joy:

I think only ranged type can counter your toon

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Yes, Two rogues with guns are my only weakness :smirk:

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Yep a few days ago your MMR went down when there were 2 ricochet burst dmg belonging to Azkannio before he was banned, right? maybe you’re right, when I met nick Azkannio, my tank couldn’t touch the 2 ricochets funny :laughing:


reading this discussion, makes me curious… feel the position of the top 3 top divisions

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1am HP with regen? Summoner? Or what?

Only two way can beat him easy,
1.range full burst
2.tank hybrid with 0(zero) bleed

Gameplay 1st way : he cant touch you
Gameplay 2nd way : kill the damage caster,then wait remaining time


But when you using full burst ricochet,dont forget to using execute dmg(legend) and demonic set,not electroduction


Yes, i want to farm to have dark aura but azkanio had two rogues with guns on team. It’s auto loose for me because i can’t approach him even with my summoner. I have programmed my AI to not attack. It only summons and i Can move it because my toon follow me 1 yard.

You Can kill me buy destroying my damage dealer with your main but your tank must survive. Your tank against my tank summoner, you win. :+1:

Two rogues is the best option to fight me


Idk,i can made ricochet with huge dmg sir @Hans :sweat_smile: