One good reason that everyone should play with jaspers


Check this beauty




redirect mythic? do you have any other gear with legend reflect dmg%? cause if you don’t have, it’s just a waste lol


I’m trying to cram legend feflect onto existing items :cry:


might be better to craft the Redirect Build from the ground up. I don’t have many build notches on my belt, but I have learned it is really hard to remake a build into another build. the more changes you need to make, the harder it is, because the build you are changing has a lot of good stuff, and the new stuff you want to put in means getting rid of the perfectly good stuff that is already in there. I ruined a perfectly good Ascending build by trying to convert it to a Farming build. somehow, I turned it into a terrible Farm build, and I messed it up enough that it wouldn’t be worth it to turn it back into an Ascension build for my other Characters. :cry: x 10.


Been there and done that lol


:laughing: x 100.

Edit: The Jasper Joke.
orb: Scalp skill & Electrification (5) set + Jasper =
shield: Scalp skill & Electrification (1) set. replace Electrification with Momentum.
shield: Scalp skill & Momentum (1) set + Jasper =
orb: Time Warp skill & Momentum (5) set. how did I get Time Warp?
Hatchet: Scalp skill + Jasper =
Bracer: Time Warp skill
Jasper changes an item and it’s skills, and most class specific affixes, to the new classes skills and affixes. when I Jaspered the orb to shield, the Scalp skill stayed the same, as Scalp is a Warrior skill. but since Scalp is normally on Hatchet, when you use Jasper on Hatchet, it changes to Bracer, which has Time Warp. so when I Jaspered the Shield with Scalp back to Orb, it changed Scalp to Time Warp.
I was a little confused at first, because I had never read about this in the Forums, but I had read enough to do the research to figure this out, so it only cost me a few more crystals to return the Time Warp back to Scalp.


Class conversation is great. Reflect damage is good for farming. But against players it sucks


I don’t known. Me no jedhi