One unique HIT Dmg

Hello guys it’s been a while.
Only for challenger, I want to know :

What is your highest one unique HIT Damage on full HP monster? Reference is monster map 200. Low resistance, low HP, easy to try and restart.

Without demonic, execute, mercenary…
Without elemental stack damage…
Without arcanist stack…
Without crushing flame or crushing blow…

Just only one hit is allowed on only one monster.

I want to see pure damage. Hope I will be surprised :metal:

I reached 150~230B one hit with scattershot

for elemental stack damage, do you mean more than 2 ED% or Elemental Crit Damage, like Blistering? or anything that boosts ED%?

For the challenge, damage made by bleed, blistering, High voltage (2nd hit necessary), Blight… doesn’t count. And please, don’t use arcanist ascendant on warrior. If you stack with “Wrath” talent, it’s not a “One shot” because wrath make the first damage.
I only want to know the first number on enemy, the first hit.
On map 200, you will one shot the monsters. Let me know the highest number you see on screen :slight_smile:

For example this is a “One Hit”. Number clearly seen, no damage against stunned or frozen enemy. Just one pure hit. :slight_smile:

ok, since 200 is a fire map, Fire is the one Element not to use, unless using Ignore Resist or Weaken with Effective Mythic. or use Arcane Element. or use your favorite Element on a floor 200 Challenge Map with the opposing Element.

I think I’ll try an all Epic Build first just for fun, and try with different weapons, skills, and classes. a one shot damage is way different than making a high DPS build…

some skills might be hard to use, like Twister, that do 4+ hits a second.

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