Online and pvp

Do u want online how about PvP and teams join this fourm to discuss :geek: :bulb:

Online only if to join others in group co-op play. Though I don’t think my phone could handle it, lol. Offline play needs to remain. Online only play is one of the major fails of Diablo 3.

No to pvp. Not my thing, so I prefer resources going to improving single player pve experiences. Plus with pvp, it starts the whining about class balance and which class needs which skill/power nerfed in a vicious, endless cycle.

Evolve or Die

I agree that this game seems tailor-made for small co-op groups (groups of three?)
Could explore dungeons together, but would also be fun to team up for mini-games of some sort. I think the best package would include a guild system and weekly tournaments. If you added a guild component with a chat featureI got about 50 people i know from a glu game (EW3) on ios who would jump in a heartbeat to a game like this, with an honest developer who listens to and actually incorporates feedback. Eternity Warriors 3 is a perfect model of what NOT to do once you start off with a very solid MORPG- every update is an obvious new paywall or new feature that effectively requires one to invest either large sums of money or even larger amounts of time to get past. I would urge the developers to check that game out though, because it has such an excellent guild/tournament system that people put up with all the krap the devs throw at them. Bottom line, there is definitely a market out there forbeing able to form interact with and organize groups of friends, even indirectly, as throigh guild/team-based tournaments.
Straight one-on-one pvp isnt something i or many others are interested in. There are plenty of gsmes that allow single player matchups, and this doesnt seem like one where that would really fit. If you charged a buck for chat feature and another buck for co-op, i’m sure you would hsve plenty of takers. Keep up the great work!

  • Online mode won’t happen for many reasons

  • PVP will be brought in social patch but not in real time, you’ll be able to beat some players’ avatars played by AI :unamused:

i bet itll play like Zenoia’s PVP…ugh that was annoying…one shotted from a nuke…yall already do like 3mill dmg…instant dead… :laughing:

Nope, you’ll have a dmg reduction boost ofc, either everyone would die with a 1m shot (so what about the 800m hits we can do in engame) :wink:

lolz 800mill! jeez…no contest…thats interesting…what if his game allowed you too build infinitely? why stop at level 100?

Rebirth system will allow you to climb levels ~5 times above your first lvl 100
(so roughly 500 lvl) :smile:

wow im so outta the loop…i didnt even know about the rebirth thing!