ONLINE Connection Problem

hi! im new in this game but i have noticed that after my upgrade to the latest version, when i start my internet connection, the game just hang up… i’ve tried searching here but i wasn’t able to see any answers… hoping you could help me with this, this game got my interest… thank you… :slight_smile:

Hi Bok,

You are playing on android I assume. A few quick questions:

  1. Did you update from Google Play?
  2. Do you have any sort of ad blocking or transmission filtering apps on your phone?
  3. Are you using wifi or cellular data?
  4. When are you noticing the hang up? Is it happening at certain screens/places in the game? IE main menu, battle arena screen?

Hi, I’m having this same issue. Nexus 5x Android 7.1.2

I got the game from Google play and have always updated from there.

I have no filtering or ad block apps

It seems to be only on wifi, it works when I am on cell data.

Main menu, right after tap to start. Sometimes I can click the messages button but the game will then hang there on the messages screen.

If you have the issue on wifi maybe it is related to security settings on that service? Some schools or public places will limit what ports you can send and receive data from.

I don’t know why it would work (from a game side of things) from your Cell data but not work on wifi data.