Online Selling Suggestion

Additional feature where we can list “Eternal” items for sale.
A feature where a player can browse and buy eternal items from the game.
But buying the items by in game gold, is not likely because of the cheaters and easy gold farming now.
So i recommend having a gem currency in game or whatsoever that can be bought by real cash from SB.
And these new currency can also be use to buy the in game boost/vanities.
Also, for the developers, the items that will be bought must have a sort of tax, means more support for the devs. (Ex. You listed the item for 100 and after someone bought it, you’ll only get 90, the 10% goes like a fee)
Also, if possible, this feature is not available for free, like they must subscribe for a month from SB to use this feature, like a premium or whatsoever acc.

I suggest, only the eternal items and not edited legends (legends with untouched affix) can be listed and sold due to the possibiity of cheaters taking advantage of the said feature.

Note: If I lack knowledge about the cheaters, and they can even edit the eternal legend items.
Disregard this post.

-Having this kind of feature will probably attract more pro online gamers. And additional player to player interaction, and more support for the developers.

but DQ is an offline game, think about those cheaters that can benefit much about these, those are the players that can hunt those very rare items in just a min and duplicate it,

  1. cheaters can edit eternal legends and make them eternal crystal legends with almost any affix they want perfectly rolled
  2. they can do the same with pets and trophies without the crystal affix…idk i haven’t encountered one so i assume they still don’t have the ability to put crystal affixes into pets or trophies yet…correct me if i’m wrong tho coz i don’t play arena anymore
  3. the devs will most likely not go with any more ‘online’ stuff other than arena and ‘ads for boosts’(which is actually quite useful so thanks for that devs :slight_smile: )
  4. having a shop where you can buy almost anything eternal will take out the farming sense (and frustration and that victorius feeling of the game when you find that eternal crystal mutiny but rngesus trolls you coz it’s level 1) since you just need to wait for someone to post a good item for you to use on your build
  5. having currency other than gold and cash(for iap), means dq will turn into another one of those…ahem…nevermind
  6. as many generations of brave warriors and knights of the kingdom of the dq forums have said countless times since the genesis of the forums: DQ IS AN OFFLINE GAME. If you wanna fight about arena…then take the fight elsewhere coz there are more peaceful answers to be found in the forums and i don’t wanna fight anymore…plus i’d break the rules if i fight someone :grin:
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Yeah, no way. Reasons stated above.


I really, really, really dislike this idea.

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No comment.

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