OP Builds in patch 3.0 :)

Hello, Please help to make the best eq in patch 3.0 for Rogue, Warrior and Wizard.
Rogue - [pvp] - chakram ??
Warrior - [pvp / pve] - i don’t know. :stuck_out_tongue:
Wizard - [pvp / pve] - skullshield / meteor ??
I’m not interested in how much time it will take to make a build. They have to be very good.
Thanks!!. :slight_smile:

Please see my topic PVP MANASHEILD BUILD :wink:

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Personally, I play Wand/Skull
In PvP, at the begining, use your skullshield, then walk a bit, and place skulldrama + storm.
I’m lvl 55 and i’m in mythic ligue

My will of the force Build. I have been winning some AI battles so I guess I’m doing something well. Already I am doing well to get to eternal league division 1 so fast.