Open map - can't move

Brand new map. Open it. Can’t move. Can cast skills … Open bags etc. No move…

Open another map… still can’t move. Restart game… I still cant move.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. I’ve also gotten stuck between trees and shrines.

I’m wondering though, if this is another nvidia quirk.


I remember that same thing happening a few times xD. Fortunately very rare and only happened very low amount of times since I play DQ but thanks for bringing it up.

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Agreed. In all the hours I’ve played it’s only happened… 3? Times I think.

But thanks. You confirmed it’s Not an nvidia issue. Ty

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Hehe . Gotta love being stuck in shrine while floor climbing or farming and restarting.

/s for sarcasm . A nice tag on Reddit.

you spawned in a shrine? or you started the map, with nothing around you and you cannot move at all?

Started map new… couldn’t move. Opened new map… still couldn’t move.

As for shrines… I’ve gotten stuck between trees and shrines whirlwinding.

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Ok, so the getting stuck on the challenge map has nothing to do with shrines in this case?

It could be a bi-product of the fix we did for the enslaver issue.

Please let me know if this keeps happening.

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Will do. Honestly though @tdaniel. I have NOT **completely ruled out nvidia as a culprit. In fact, even though @CuzegSpiked seems to have encountered this, at this point im inclined to believe it actually is an nvidia / controller glitch.

I restarted game, still same thing. Unpaired / repaired bluetooth and its fine. For now :slight_smile:

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