Open minded question

So bare with me on this one , I’m almost about to drop a set affix for a legendary afix and I’m almost positive that it will give me 70 to 120 percent extra dmg does this sound dumb or smart lol I did alot of math and thinking and I’m almost positive on this…unless otherwise does this reasonable

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Nothing is dumb :sunglasses:

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there are some Builds that don’t have a Set affix on every item. most affixes only do one thing. Set Affixes can give from 1 to 3 boosts to your Build. not all Set affixes increase DMG, but can be helpful in other ways.

I have Crafted a few Builds with no Set affixes, and some with only 5 or 6 set affixes. if the Build works, go for it. you can always change it back later if you don’t like the results.

I know

I’ve seen builds in banned league with no sets and no mythic and very high up. :sunglasses: And no eternal stuff.

I used an Epic Affix Only Build in PVP that got up into Eternal League, but I don’t think it did better than Division 8 or 7.

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I wish it wasnt so hard to roll a freaking frostbiting or speed

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Hey if I link all my new stuff and current stuff can you guys tell me exactly what to do if u have any knowledge of it I’m about to cuz I’m kinda brain fried atm

Yes. Tell us what skills you are using, what kind of build you want to make, the items you are using etc.

Ok here we go I use knightcharge and stealth or shield wall or sprint.and its primarily an ice build.


See I kinda know what to do but itll just take me awhile to get where my build is perfect