Opening Screen Quest

Guys have you wondered about the opening screen quest? when you log in on Google play. i thinks its not updated.

I can’t rember the last time it had new quests to do :stuck_out_tongue:

it was like a month ago? :smiley:

We have not added any new ones. I will refresh the ones we currently have support for now.

I refreshed them and the should go live tonight at 12:00 PST


Heyo nota blank screen and gives me more purpose good looking out :slight_smile: sosbould we make up some more for next time around?

Finally it does work…but how to claim the completed prize’s? Please enlighten me…thx

I think you get them auto not sure

Ok guys Good News! maybe the developers already updated it… i`ve just accepted my first quest last night…
First you have to play dq with google play. and it will appear in the opening screen…

Once you complete the quest you will gain them in game. you must complete the quests in the time frame listed for the quest.

For example (this is not an actual quest) if you have 4 days to collect 200,000 gold, then you must accept the quest, then collect the 200,000 gold before the 4 days are up.

If you do not complete the requirements before the quest ends you will not get the reward.

Thanks for info :slight_smile: is there any way off you guys makeing it so we can accept all the quests at once and maby reset them all once a week?

We have to reset the quests each time they expire. I try to reset them each time we release an update (which is about once ever 5 weeks). I will try to get better at keeping them active.

As far as being able to accept them all at once, we don’t actually control how the player gets the quest. That is all handled through the Google Play Games QUEST system.

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Thanks :smiley:

Thanks a lot for the info :slight_smile:

I think I recieved 2/4 so far is he reward buff limited for the duration of the event time? And where can I find legendary enemies?? 1/20 on that one can’t seem to find any .I’m on floor +300 legendary so far

@njokidd Legendary’s Enemies to my knowing only spawn after you kill 50 epic enemies

Awe ok


why my kill epic enemies doesnt count?? it was always zero when i have killed many…why is that so? i play dq with wifi

you are referring to the mythic enemy Google Quest, or the feat in the game (codex)?

Epic enemy kills? after the gold loot quest…