[Opinion wanted] Mythics don't interest you? Help us improve

I suggest 3 ms to complete a mythic and each mythic can mythic ability and give 12 critical chance or 1.5% hp leech (close to 1 epic affix)… It looks like player can almost use 2 slots to get the benefit from mythic ability and he can still get 12 critical chance from a slot.

Stacking rank in talent is one of the main goal for players, so I suggest mythic do not remove effect from talent.

more mythic set if possible, sometime i wanna combine with other mythstone but didn’t have any side-effect :frowning:

my idea is when you use 4 mythstones, they will combine and take two affix slot, 1 is stat from stones and another is mythic skill. then you can add 4 more affix up to peference. but can’t add more mythstones.

I think Mythics are a nice option. I also think they are extremely limited. I mean having a mythic only available in a specific item ie chest, head, ring etc… …is extremely limiting. And why are all the weapon mythics in the chest? Shouldn’t they be in the weapon? Just wandering

Keep up the good work, thanks for listening

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Yeah this thread is old and since then , mythics have improved a hell of a long way . Instead of leaving you with 4 full sockets when done, it clears space so you can add many affixes while using mythics.

The mythics are good but that being said, there are some unused mythics. Since the ascension perk for Hunter , hunter mythic will stop being used . There are other examples too such as Vanish having a long cooldown with stealth lasting a second and halving damage because stealth is very nerfed but used to be OP, hence why vanish was super popular in arena one time ; Rockblast I guess , Mythical when you have mythology and push the limit and some others;

Dauntless buffed and Equivalence also buffed while Recover also changed too.
Some of the mythics are old and some get used more.

Weapon mythics are on weapon but the chest mythics affect damage of any type and they don’t have procs like the Mainhand and Offhand mythics.

Mythics except resource mythics being limited to a gear piece is limiting but also balanced so it’s not so easy and resource mythics don’t combine if you have 2 resource mythics (discordance + bloodmagic won’t work ) which is a balanced feature.

Cosmic orb is like orb on steroids except Timewarp can affect it but not discordance . Push the Limit too. However it’s not a huge deal or issue like the Orb skill even though it is widely used. Bombard is underpowered as far as it seems and pretty much almost unused (many unused or unnecessary mythics).

There can definitely be ways to spice up some gameplay though.

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A player should be allow to craft that gear with only 2 mythic stones because as said before some gear got some nice and useful affixes and if you craft it you may lose that affixes for ever.

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Ok but right now, there’s hardly any gear ruined by using 4 slots to make a mythic as there’s always a good compromise but I get what you mean. Maybe not 2 but 3. I still think 4 is fairly balanced though.

Mythics are too powerful (especially in arena), so it is a fair trade off.

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But its hard for a newbie to get all mythic stones.

True but not as hard as used to be. I remember when it took farming like hell just to get 1 or two elixirs. You guys are seriously lucky.

Well then simply nerf mythics in the Arena. Its an easy fix.

On the other hand. If you want the critters to win all the time in PVE, just keep watering down the players abilities. Better yet, tie one hand behind their back!

Ya’ll ole timers talk like you had it so hard, and us newbies have it so easy.

What I wanna know as a newbie, is where has anybody lately reached map 3000+

It’s real easy to talk past tense, but I wanna know about future tense. Have I really any hope of reaching Map 3000+ in the current game design. All indicators say, NO!

Well it is true that we had it so much harder in terms of farming but in terms of DPS, it was easier for damn sure.

Stealth was OP, storm was more OP, fire was way too OP, bleed way OP, CV triggering thousands or a lot when hit and having many many nerfs, etc etc.

Arena is very watered down tbh that I think it would suck if it waters down even further. I think it’s very well balanced. Immortal build does take a while to defeat though but it’s good that not everyone can make one so easily and that it wasn’t shared. It would probably eventually get watered down but other than the immortals, the meta is very balanced. Cheaters are an issue but I slice them like butter (unless they have access to immortal build or something).

I can beat virtually everyone but not everybody.

If we talk about before arena, then the story is fairly different. Gold farming could net you 10M gold a day aka 100M of today back then , crystals took forever to drop and no converting legends (only source was vendor for high rarity crystal or converting with feats). I mean I know the struggles. Although when obsidian comes out the first time, they drop too easily until the nerf and thats when crystals take long time . There was also no tier rarity per 100 floor.

Dps was fairly easy and survival also. Survival meaning Leech (which acted like sanctuary but also acted as a way to help you never die given some HP, Bloodmagic was much more powerful than now in terms of damage I think , poison was ouright broken in DPS dealing, deadly arts was once overpowered , etc. Even though less affixes and more powerful stuff in game, overall farming would take months or even a year to make a really high quality build and a farm build would take however long.
Mythics being fairly easy helped but elixir was like hell to look for and other ultra rare mythstones as some were even rarer than obsidian so Converting was an option. Then there was the time when mythics using 4 slots even after it’s done instead of just 1 slot after it’s achieved using the 4 slots and some other handicap such as not so easy 100% ED or 100% WD legend affix. Rare legends took forever to look for (Nadroji, Mutiny, Insolence, Malestroms ).

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Thanks for being honest!

Game designers, stand up and please take note!

BTW: Farming may be easier at Map 500, but first you have to get to Map 500. In the meantime above floor 200 I rarely see anything that even resembles anything even close to a Ruby on the Dungeon Floor. Only way I seem to get any is from the Vendor or by trading in an Eternal.

But floor 500 is easy to get to given the time and speed and effort, although it could be hard for some people. Floor 200 already has a tier rarity anyway and you can use very easy mode for floor 500 crystal farming and mythstone farming.

Tbh floor 200 is enough now since if you have high item drops and luck, Eternalized (although that is a floor 359 mythic 3 drop and same with crystalline but dust to the rescue). Also treasured ascension to help alot if you don’t have those set affixes . Then selling a bunch of legends for dust dust dust.

For some, floor 500 can be done in a week , for others maybe a month or more. It really depends. I do remember taking forever to get to floor 200 as a newbie for months.

Arena, needs to be watered down for players sakes. The Arena was originally designed for playtesting PvE to begin with. Unless you want the Critters in the Dungeon to win all the time. I suggest keeping the two calculations seperate.

So selling Eternals becomes the excuse for not being able to find a Ruby or Amytheist below Map 500 on the Dungeon floor?

That just does not sound right, or very balanced.

Lol, PvE vs PvP. Can you imagine a pack of critters equal to your own abilities coming at you all at once?

Just be thankful that PvP is watered down, and that you ain’t got a “pack” of player characters coming at you in the Dungeon. :sunglasses:

While we are on the subject. Is there any possible way to make the Bonus Slot either removable using the Larimar Crystal or as an optional stone set?

Some of the Items using the Bonus Slot. Are hard to come by otherwise. Im just looking for a little bit of flexibility in choosing items for my specific needs.

I would hate to tie up two or more items just to have one item because it has a Bonus slot affix.