Que piensan de crear mundos donde puedan interactuar todos en linea (en tiempo real) nuevos métodos de juego, o si los desarrolladores an pensado en otros personajes, añadirles nuevos poderes a los personajes ya existentes… darle funciones extra a los pet (mascotas) nuevos avatares en golf y no en dinero real eso le gustaría a todos

many of these ideas and more have been given to the Developers. most of them wouldn’t work well with Dungeon Quest, but it seems that the Developers might be putting some of these ideas into their next game that they are working on, Dungeon Quest 2. I don’t know if this is the official name of the new game, but it sure looks like a good name for a new game!

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I reckon they will it DQ2. You will get all the DQ loyalists downloading it and testing it. Makes the lives of developers and players alike a lot easier.