Opponents who's HP doesn't go bellow 99 and 1 rounds you, question

Some players are hard but you can figure a way to beat them it just takes time, but there are those who’s hp doesn’t go bellow 99% and then seem to 1 shot you. I saw a few screenshots of hackers but the few that seems to be able to do this have nothing unusual about their gear. Is this some kind of build that makes them near invulnerable and if so what can I do about it? constantly losing these types of fights is annoying. I don’t mind losing when I have some sort of chance, but having 0 chance going in makes me sad.

I’ve been noticing this as well. I’ve had quite a few fights where looking over the stats shows that I dealt 0 damage to them but my damage value was dealt to me - like they have a completely perfect reflect damage.

There’s a couple things that might be. Check to see if they are using mana shield first. Then the other is usually Alchemy. Alchemy will take from either HP or MP depending on what pool is the highest, and will gain HP or MP depending on which pool is the lowest. So on either of these, watch the enemy’s mana pool.

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I’ve seen the Alchemy but this isn’t that. Their HP goes from 100 to 99 then back up to 100. it never goes lower then a sliver.

try play 1v1 arena, if u are lucky enough u found cronoc_rage rogue GodWarth, try let him guidedshot u just once n see if u can survive, then check it setup u will understand later on how to build some 1shoting build.

Builds like focusing on Manashield, Permafrost, Alchemy, Dodge are likely to receive less damage or No damage at all.

Also HP Regen and HP per Hit would make them more invulnerable.

There are plenty of reasons why this can happen. It fully depends on your build vs theirs. Leech is an extremely powerful healing tool. So if you cannot do more damage than they leech, their HP will effectively not change. As you fight stronger and stronger opponents (more wins = stronger opponents), you will find builds that will simply outclass yours. There are a lot of other ways to heal too like Regen, Prayer and Command.

Thanks for the responses.