Orange Tornado: Floor 4000+ Easy sweep

Ok so after a week of hard farming, I came up with this sick idea of creating an OVER POWERED build which is capable of sweeping 4000+ Floors, yes you read it right, 4000+ Floors is Mythic 3. Lets get to build!

Video: (forgive me the music here, I like it tho)



Vampiric Touch
Crushing flames (the focus of the build)
Aetherial Drain

Cosmic orb

60% movement speed (to get the bonus affix of the demonic ring + good combo with momentum)
+10 Twister (that makes it 30levels for twister with hero skills)
Maxed out CRUSHUNG BLOW chance
100% Elemental critical damage
30% elemental critical chance
2x 5000 Elemental Damage
250 MP on hit
30% weaken
High damage buff for main hand weapon
47.8% Balance
300+ Critical damage
Maxed Crit chance (can be attained with the help of nature

-So crushing flame is the highlight here for easy damage against high hp enemies specially on floors beyond 2000.
-Maxed out crushing blow is a must here to lower the hp no matter how big the enemy’s hp is.
-We are using Ruptured here even without Bleed chance. WHY? Relax. Take note that when Immolate (an elemental critical) kicks in, bleeding effect is also applied.
-Cosmic orb is just addtional damage mechanic to help our damage output.
-Hp bar is almost nothing but damage is still in billions? Heres why. Crushing blow only takes 25% of enemys current hp. Lets say an enemy has 100 hp. When on first damage tick, crushing blow kicks in, it will take 25 as damage. So 75hp is left. When another crushing blow kicks in, it will take 25% of remaining 75hp. Now you do the math. The cycle goes on and on until hp is on the amount where your raw damage can take it all out.


This build migh be similar to other build out there, lets just calm down and keep grinding. What do you think of this build?


Once again, crushing flames and crushing blow ftw! Good job on this cool build :+1::slight_smile: