Orb proc not working?

I have 100% orb proc but it only procs about 1/5 of the time. Can someone explain this to me?

Procs are based on per second so if you are attacking 5 times per second this is about right but if you use a slower attack method it will always proc :smile:

Ah I see. That makes sense. I guess it is 1 a sec. Just seems like everything dies before it procs lol

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Lol the ultimate first world problem I kill everything before my procs can :stuck_out_tongue: :green_heart:

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Kinda wanted some different animations lol. Guess I’ll nerf myself XD

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I guess my build problem lies in the cap difference in PvP. I was going by the faun+ luck combo for 1mil+ hp but my question is is my ehp over a million? Since I prevented almost 900k damage? Not sure the calculation on all that PvP stat

Perhaps this may help w PVP stat reductions & caps?

I swear boomerang from chak procs stuff way more then anything else I’ve used. It also seems like the faster my attack speed the more I proc. Especially in arena with enigma.

I know what you mean. Multi attack also seems to make rock blast and enigma to proc more as well.

Can anyone tell me what the damage increase from astral would be at 12.9k all resist?

depends on the amount of astral you have at 20 points it would give you 258% elemental damage% :smile: