Orb with Living Force?

About this new update 3.0 Orb is no longer a projectile, Does this mean Living Force wont affect the Orb then ?

Yes :smile:

:sadparrot: I’m almost done with my Build but Orb with Living Force wont work with this new patch :sob:

I already adapted though. Many other ways to deal good damage without living force on orb and still be quite good.

Reactor range is very short though now but it could still work maybe in PvP. In PvE , it still is good.

Malestrom , Electrocution, Demonic , etc.
Discordance no longer affects procs so procs have to be higher MH% special skill like Meteor/Storm or throwsword or anything you like. For PvE, maybe return of momentum too.

If you do want slow orb, slow projectile is turned into slow orb %.

It can suck but at least orb is not as op as once was.

Ohh okay.

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Although if you don’t like reactor, you can always change it.

Anyways I’m planning to make defensive version of my rogue orb build because flawless victory nerfs crit damage. Sure I could use sureshot but idk… I’ll try using Fauns Gift with some HP and some damage reduction . Maybe with or without CV.

I’m definitely gonna plan on using hyper armour and something like that along the lines for better damage reduction as well as possibly double mitigate and decent amount of reduction all around. Although I could do the same on wizard instead too.

That’s in PvP.

My Seasonal Maiden build is more better than ever without the need of living force or Timewarp . Still crazy damage but high floor does need wipe out.

My dps in mainly discordance orb wiz due to recent patch changes. I just switch my living force set affix to rage set affix to max my cdmg or i could also go woth crushing flames affix even though im on pure frozen build it wil help pump my crushing blow dmg. Also i pump my orb to lvl40 it works well with me even without living force.

Set affix : demonic, pathfinder, frozen, momentum, adventurer,reactor, rage or (other good affix such as crushing flames, permafrost etc.)

I still love orb build in pve