Orbit damage

Hello guys,
I already have really powerfull builds with fire, ice, electric and poison for pve but i haven’t created a good arcane build because it seems to be weak.

How much damage have you ever made with orbit?

Why element set doesn’t create orbit when arcane element proc?

Does empyrean mythic increase orbit damage ?

I think i Can Make a really powerfull build if i work hard on it but i need more details :thinking:

Arcane dmg raise by arcane debuff
I can made storm with 58B dmg

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Do you think “Guardian” set Can be good to increase arcane damage while Shield is activ or too complicated? :thinking:

I think it Can be good to use arcane on warrior for Hit frequency but i am probably wrong because they have less power than wizard.

I Always try to use a lot of eternal items but i think items with Arcane power are weak in Eternal :weary:

Arcanist works pretty well with ascendent set and it is a must. Also add weaken affix

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Warrior with wrath talent is good optional,than run with sprint to raise arcane debuff to gain dinamic damage

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Elemental Crit ‘Orbit’ works a little like Whirling Blades, it appears next to the character and then spins away before it disappears, doing 100% of attacks damage to any enemies in it’s path. Celestial is the Elemental Crit Damage for Arcane Element, and gives Orbit +100% Damage. Living Force Set works with Orbit, making it spin back to the place it started, doing +20% per Rank damage on the return spin.

the biggest downside to using Arcane Element and it’s Elemental Crit ‘Orbit’, is that you need to be close to your enemies, or taunt them to you, or be moving through them as you smack them with Orbit.

I once had a Wizard using Arcane & Orbit with Scalp on OH with Living Force. I just ran around, holding down the Scalp button. also, the bigger the crowd of enemies, the more Orbits you have a chance to Crit that will smash your enemies. I’ve spawned 20+ Orbits at a time on some Pack Size Maps. this was when I was a Noob and also when I was Ascending my Wizard.

if you have a Main & Hireling, have one Arcane & one Ice, that way, when the enemies are Freezed with Frostbiting, the Orbits will hit them for even more damage. Shock with High Voltage would be another good combo with Orbit.

from what I’ve read about Empyrean, it should work with Arcane & Orbit.

I have noticed that there are some attacks that don’t cause Orbit for some reason, but I don’t remember which ones they are, as I don’t really keep track.

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