[Outdated - look at edit] Help with PvP Chakram Rogue build

You can have permanent stealth with 45% CD reduced and lvl 35-40 stealth

You can’t have permanent stealth in PvP.

Good day sir @kajfik000 , about the stats, should i go full to power or give 50% to health? thnx✌

Good day sir @Abaddon

I have like 85% in power and the rest in hp, but it’s up to you if you want bigger dmg or more hp.

Also for others - read @PeaceDog response in the updated thread for this build:


Thnx for the advice sir @kajfik000 and sir @PeaceDog😊… hope to see you soon in the same division if i get lucky… Goodluck all dq buddies✌


That’s stats are greatly reduced for PvP and heroic skills don’t affect PvP besides what you have on gear. Im always a fan of more HP for PvP but I’ve noticed such a small difference I just stay power now for PvE to not respect all the time. At 45k PvP HP it was like 2k difference. Not that big of a deal compared to the power you get in pve