[Outdated - look at edit] Help with PvP Chakram Rogue build

EDIT: for updated build look here (take a look at comments too):

Hi :slight_smile: First of all thank you all who help me!

I would like to make a build that @Athena suggested for Top 1 Eternal League in Arena.

MH special - Throw Sword, OH special - Scalp

I will be glad for any suggestions :smile:

Once more, thanks to @Athena, see y’all in Arena!

Change to shock element :laughing:
Remove 100% blistering
Add perseverance

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Great build! Definitely trying this

Hi @kajfik000

Was wondering if Carolin is the result of your above build. If so, do you mind sharing what is her max health, avg damage per attack for hammer, and avg damage per attack for cosmic orb skills?

Re make it with items that have legend buff 100% DMG or 100% element DMG. Ghost neck has +2 sets and ele DMG aetherial drain has helm and chest eternalized or crystalized have mh I think cerebs ring is one of the only ones that has ele 100% unfortunately

100% elemental damage and weapon damage are worse in PvP then +5000 elemental damage and weapon damage because of the way the damage formula works :smile:

Well looks like its time for new weapon!

lol yup! go forth my child and shrek ur opponents with this new found knowledge :pray:

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Lol just deleted the affix and added more HP. Thanks what about root from the trophy… Does this not work?

unfortunately it is bugged and doesn’t :T wish it did it’s the more interesting of the 3 abilities :smile:

Yes rogues have ragnarok which is a chakram :smile:

I forgot. I don’t even have 1 haha… but my eternal siege weapon was a savage one. I should share that build in the future.

will look forward to it :+1: :smile:

Hope so IF i could finish that build. Btw which is better stealth proc or 30% dodge?

depends on what you’re doing but in general dodge :smile:

Nah dodge is nothing if pack furies falling to your path. anyway what better 100% Element dam or bunos dam that can obtain on glasscannon,push to the limit?

Nah dodge will block any incoming source of damage equally as well as stealth can only activate once every 4 seconds at maximum so using stealth proc is /extremely/ niche as well as for proper application you need to understand the mechanics behind procs and in the situations where it is actually good it is almost always better too just use stealth straight up so dodge is almost always better then stealth proc. For elemental damage vs glasscanon/push/barb it really depends on the build they all stack multiplicatively with each other so a mix is almost always best :smile:

Well that was nice that only ever 4 you can cast stealth on procs. Maybe I should switch to dodge someday. Maybe 200% elemental damage and 50% on head and armor and 50 PTL and multi attack on jewelries. I discover something that i can fire five arrows even I have 4 multi attacks and 4 extra attacks. Is this a bug or something?

stealth can only ever activate every 4 seconds period it has a hard cap it’s not just a cap for procs as for the arrows extra attacks is a chance to attack more times and it must activate the first time for it to try a second time and a second time for it too try for a 3rd time and on and on so you will commonly only see 5 from +4 multi attack and +4 extra attacks no bug :smile:

Well I think I should remove that extra attack to save slot haha.