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Battle mage stacks health too

i can kil those tank char in 1round 10-20sec. using rogue w/ lightning bleed. only got 505 power lol.

@Achilles 2%hp on it myth only worth it if u go full hp stat on arena or 75%-25%(hp-power stat distribution) since hp on hit myth effect will be base on ur hp stat(wont be affected by hp% boost and hp set affixes)

if u go full power stat crystal hp on hit is better

Nice now how do u get your ai to stand in one spot because even tho iam i have a strategy that i use i win like 95 percent of the time but my ai i think is trash

@Achilles i think dey put in ai setting avoid enemy 50yards(max)

and they put der main spam skil(ex ricochet, bommerang ) to max yard

it is indeed hard to maintain top spot since u lose more points if ur ai/u lose from players who have low points(though when ur at top having 2.2-2.3k points less players will have chance of facing ur toon thus less chance getting ur points deducted)

my advice is just be versatile (counter all enemy in que in ur league) its more easier to earn points too if u can win faster w/o losing

Iam in eternal d1 id jackboi its so hard i kinda miss eating the noobs in 2 hits :sob::sob::sob:

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thats div1 for you haha lol

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