Is this good too?? Wanna try something new but dont know how to build it properly… i guess i need help from u guys… thanks… :smiley:

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Anything with electrified is ok…ish . Overload gives you the smoke bomb when you’re hit, which blinds enemies as well as dmgs them, and electrified just gives reflect dmg. It also gives paralyse. You do have to be hit by players or enemies though so maybe some dmg reduction or high hp or both to make sure that works.

Keep in mind that set affix slots are very valuable for high dps builds so you have to be wise about which sets you will use in order for your build to reach high potential.

If you do use shock to paralyse or Electrified, use high voltage to boost your dmg potential.

High voltage increases dmg dealt to paralysed enemies by % so it’s a very good addition to a paralyse build. It’s like as valuable as frostbiting but to paralyse enemies instead. If high voltage was 600% , your overall dmg I’m pretty sure is 6× more powerful when you attack the paralysed enemy.

Even if you don’t use shock as a main attack and just use fire for eg (insert any element or attack), just having high voltage on your gear is still powerful when using Electrified but keep in mind if it’s a wise decision or not.

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Yes it’s really a good pair. If you wanna go for it use shock element, because shock can do more dmg by 12.50% on hit and it stacks 4 times @CuzegSpiked have explained everything already… but in contrast to that I would not agree that OVERLOAD really works well on battle Arena cuz lots of players are using BLIND IMMUNE. prior to that REFLECT DAMAGE is nerfed which makes everything meaningless on PVP, so I should suggest that you better make it a build for PVE rather than using it on PVP.

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Thanks for informing him. I forgot to say whether it’s best for pvp or pve.

Obviously in pvp, theres things like blind immune and reflect dmg nerfed. Not sure about this onr but I think paralyse doesn’t work when stun immune is on a player.

For Pve, its going to work but problem is that if you go too high of floors, eventually you will get O.H.K.Oed regardless if what you try. It’s still a good combo for pve until you reach that point in PVE where enemies one hit kill everything.

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Ok thanks for the info… hehe… but now u told me that reflect damage has been nerfed… i guess i shoudnt try this… actually im in need PVE builds for now… for high floors… but so unlucky on crystals and mythstones…

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Yeah2. No problem man :smile: well, about that OHKO on higher floors you just gotta invest more on dogde/block for more higher chance of survivability and focus more on full damage (Spam type you kow) . All you need to do is execute the first move before the monsters do.

You’re welcome. In order to reach that goal, farm more so that you can get enough resources for you to achieved your desired builds. Happy gaming! :smile:

Hehe… :smiley: