Pack size

Why is pack size 120% on floor 101 spawn more monster than floor 201 with packsize 150%?
Is 101 the best farm spot for crystal hunt?

ders dis bug that been reported long ago that floor below 200 has more volume of monsters(numbers) compare to floor 201 above.

for crystal hunt floor 500 is still better.

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sometimes it depend on floor area wideness :smile:


i gave up farming floor 500, i just cant survive it easily. If the floor has fury or worms or +X bolt or bolt speed or poison i will have to die AT LEAST 5x to clear the whole floor. it stresses me out that i always die from ranged units. Once i finish my 200k manashield with barrier40 ill try again. for now, farming eternals @101 and converting is what im gonna do.

EDIT: i watched again the non-hireling video of griffin’s barrage madness again. maybe barrage+ascendant+30% elem crit is the key to survivability

manashield wont let u survive in m3 500+(specially in pack mobs) u need dodge 60% or block 45% and sanctuary amulet realy great help.

when ur a rogue u survive using perma stealtg.
when ur a wiz u can survive by using dodge/block affix and best way to survive is kill mobs b4 dey get near u since wiz got an awesome talent tree which allow them to deal massive burst dmg. if stil got problem use ice+frozen build slow/ice targets inc ur chance of not getting hit. (frozen just burst all foe in the area)

ofcourse if ur a wiz since u dont have perma stealth u need to dodge tnt proc/skyfall/mob atk/boss spell manually.

ya the best way to earn crystal if ur having hard time farming them on high floor is to hunt eternal/crystal gear on low flor then convert.

killing epic enimies from shrines/well w/ hunter mythic ring or hunter perk also great for farming eternal/crystal gear(this is what i usually do i spam epic enimies on floor 200 from shrines and wels for farming eternal/crystal gear. i dont kill mobs once i open all shrine and wels i restart the floor do samething (for doin kil mythic feat))

im a wiz, i have 73% dodge but no block yet. the enemy dont really need to near me, because it is the ranged units that kill me. they shoot even before they appear on my screen. i would like to try the ice build from ascendant builds. cuz it seems to slow down enemy atk speed also, not just move speed. Pierce dont shoot so fast, compared to enemy shots. ill need to make smth that uses the fast barrage missiles.

For crystal farming floor 200 (not higher not lower) is as good as floor 500+. At floor 200 you will get much more items = much more crystal/eternal legends = more ultra rare crystals. Floor 200 is for farming crystals/exp/gold while floor 500+ is for farming crystals/mythstones/eternals. If you don’t need specific items, only crystals, go for floor 200 as it is easier and faster while providing much bigger mob density.


yeah, i actually have crystalline, eternalized, and epiphany gears atm, so im just really farming stones, esp ruby. i dont equip nadroji set too, cuz it wont help, i have 1000% luck and 250% item quantity. i actually used obisidian on my eternalized,crystalline, epiphany and rolled ugly stats. was aiming for luck or gold…i realized i cant kyanite it, OMG! Now i realized i have to farm crystalline and eternalized again cuz, damn ugly rolls. so now im farming stones >>>>>> to make a nadroji gear for farming eternalized/crystalline/epiphany gears >>>> to farm more stones >>>>> to finally make the awesome item i want >>>>>> to reach higher floors at m3 difficulty. If u ask me that is one messed up thinking but it is fun hahahah.

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@kevs926 when worm spwn or range unit spwn. move right or left first b4 attacking to avoid der atk first also if u go ice even if u just have 30%elem crit u can stil froze mobs easily. hmm i prefer using orb-reactor build on wiz for farming u jst spam orb then let the arc kill. and u can move/dodge manualy while leeting the orbs do the killing.

yeah it seems i have more things to try haha. but it doesnt mean its gonna be grinding and boring. in fact it is more exciting with so many builds to try.

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You actually can try and get nadroji bonus (necklace or ring + chest or helmet) for the 100% moster rarity buff. That way you will get more magic and rare enemies = more exp/gold/loot while floor 200 isn’t that hard to deal with.

You’re better off to farm CS and MS at Floor 500 on Very Easy.


Someone did runs on both floor level and he had the same results regarding crystal drops.

Did not think about going to very easy haha played in m3 for so long now

GUYS! I’m confused about floor 500+ since there is only floor 200.

challenge map :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t M3 drop 10x more than very easy?

Nope, all depends on your item drop/quantity, M3 is just for luck/goldfind… although it does give bonus to item drops, you could just add it to the gear instead

I was just reading the first post for Patch 1.4.4 and got a few updates into it when I came across a mention that the more affixes that are on a Challenge Map, the better the rewards. I notice that Luck effects the rank/tier of the items that are dropped, so the lower the luck, the more towards Normal Tier items you get, which mean less gold when you sell them, but if you have higher luck, you get more items towards Epic Tier items that can be sold for more gold.

so Pack Size Maps just mean more monsters that can drop loot, and Item Drop/Quantity means that those monster are dropping more loot when they drop loot. and it looks like more loot the more Affixes there are on a Map. plus all the other things that can help loot be better.

Pay attention to the maps. All you need is your own build and Very Easy maps on floor 500.