Partially fixed: Arena 1v1 or 2v2 rankings not loadinģ

I had this issue. The fix is simple. Just play an arena match. It doesnt matter wether you lose or win.
Thought that I share this, maybe it would help and get a full fix in the next patch.

need stable internet connection

have stable internet connection. as soon as i played this accounts first arena match, they got fixed.

Stable and somewhat fast (although I can’t call mine fast but just fast enough for arena to almost never disconnect unlike my old WiFi at times).

or someone connected to you using it to much

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True that. I can only get stable internet alone, although that’s not an issue for DQ for me but for other online games, I have to play midnight.

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I feel your pain, my man. Oh the desync i got when lagstep wasnt around in path of exile… the rips :joy:

Why is it my ranked match always says match not found