Patch 2.0 when?

Just curious. Not looking for an exact date but just curious how far off we are… a week? A month? Several months??

I already optimized my char for 2.0 but leaves him weak until the new changes come through. Just curious how far off we are from all the good stuff in the new patch to go live. Can you give any update?

Just wait for the update bcs theres not an exact date xD

u should read this as almost never



It’s just ironic that you finally got your pvp, yet you still got the temerity to be snide?


Your forgot the trademark



Gaben pls

You can check out the beta patch now if you are a Google user. We release several patches per week as we find and address bugs. We are not holding back the release to be jerks, we just don’t want to release a patch with tons of problems. The open beta on Google play is helping us find a LOT of issues we just normally could not find.

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Before or after Pilgrim? :dieter:

Before xD