Patch 2.2 - Patch Notes

Patch 2.2

  • Design
    • You now cannot use Peridot on items to reduce their level, or level items beyond the hero’s equippable level
    • Updating perseverance to min 40 and max 40 to address scaling expectation in BA. Removed Cap.
    • Bumping up cerebral vortex reactive CD to 3sec
    • Adding a confirmation dialog before sorting inventory
    • Moving Crushing Blow calculation after resistance check to ensure damage is based purely on enemy HP
    • Epiphany’s cap increase now applies to luck, gold find and item quantity properly ( beyond 650 )
    • Experience modifiers are now all additive with each other, and displays properly on Adventure Tab
    • Experience is now increased by 100% when using a hireling ( to offset experience split )
    • Removing level requirement for legend pets since enslavers can be found before level 20 now
  • Bugs
    • Fixing issue with MS/CS not dropping the lowest available
    • Fixing issue with Cerebral Vortex activating more than once per second
    • Fixing scaling issues w/ pets and ascension levels
    • Swapping out a Crystal enabled affix for a non Crystal enabled on Merlin’s Pet
    • Fix for odd behaviors when swapping item classes/specials in certain scenarios
    • Fixed issue with some Dependent Affixes allowing for Crystal Rarity
    • Fix for “Wrong HP on Hit/MP on Hit range description with Topaz”
    • Fix to updating leaderboards when not connected to Game Service
    • Fix for “Smokescreen doesn’t hit a random target at Rank 5”
    • Showing hero points for ally when ally is 99
    • Fixing torrent rotation stopping
    • Fix for “Enigma is casting multiple times per sec”
    • Fix for “Divination has Heroic bonus skill Torrent from Warrior”
    • Fix for “Barbarian % doesn’t increase DMG%”
    • Fix for hireling frame coloring issue
    • Adding support for avoiding duplicate spawn nodes on the same location
    • Formatting on bag prices
    • Fix for spawning loot while game isnt active
    • Fixing issue with swapping chest on main character causing shared experience values to be broken
    • Fixing Phalanx giving block chance unintentionally
    • Fix for DPS refreshing properly on stats screen when using weapon-only affixes
    • Fix for progress bar showing on challenge map pop up notification
    • Fixing a few display issues with some stats
    • Adding a few new tips
    • Enabling “undo” only in bags
    • Adding new tips for Ascension, MS/CS drop rates beyond 100, and obtaining trophies
    • Fixing display issue for MS/CS find rate stat for boost purchase
    • Fixing issue with empty MS/CS dropping
    • Fix for attack speed capping issues + epiphany
    • Gold Find is now being properly displayed on Adventure Tab when using boost
    • Fix for double stats on hero skills
    • Fix for rewarding boosts from feat
    • Fix for health/mana contributions for balance and regeneration affixes

Whoa, is the 100% xp increase on top of the existing increase in 2.1? Or am I reading this wrong? I have a feeling I am reading this wrong …

The only experience changes happened in this last patch, 2.2 (these patch notes are a bit late). It essentially counters the 50% reduction that happens when experience is split.

Enemy dies and yields 100xp. Main Hero gets 50, Hireling gets 50.

Enemy dies and yields 100xp. Main Hero gets 100, Hireling gets 100. (each increased by 100%)


Ah, so basically, there is no xp reduction now, when we level with hirelings?

Correct. There will still be a split when there is a great level difference, but in the example i gave (which assumes levels are near each other) you won’t have a penalty.


When will you fix the twister bug?

It will be fixed when the next patch is released, which should be by the end of the month.

Was searching but didn’t find anything. Won’t it be possible to make it easier to convert/salvage the crystals and mythstones by removing the 25 max limit?

Little bugs report.
The number of gold in the inventory and in the feat in the codex its different.
You can see when you start a new game.
Some times the number in inventory is greater than in the feat book and the other new game, the number of gold is grater in feat book than in the inventory screen.
But, it’s only difference about 1 - 2 gold.

Seems like the other bugs on skills was already fixed well. How about the CYCLONE MYTHIC? the animation is still crappy to look at. way different from before.