Patch 2.3 Eternal Vanity Bug

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I believe I got the new Eternal vanity by mistake, I only reached Eternal before Patch 2.3, but i never touched top 3. I think there’s a bug somewhere in the code that is triggering where if you unlocked Eternal league before patch,and unlocked the new eternal vanities[Elemental orb, ranger crossbow, defender shield before patch, then you will get the new Eternal Vanity(the green vanity) after patch whether if you were Mythic League or Eternal league.

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bug sadlife didnt received any. life so unfair haha kiddin

Yeah what I was saying is that(haha i saw your edit xD)…mm i’ll do it in if/else statements then… since i already said my situation right off the bat to help the devs figure out what is wrong.

playerHasEternalItems = ‘Elemental Orb’;
playerWasEternal = ‘eternal league’;
playerDroppedDownToMythic = ‘mythic league’;

if ( playersHasEternalitems == “Elemental Orb” && playerWasEternal == “eternal league” && playerDroppedDownToMythic == “mythic league”)

The above is pretty much what I meant in my first post, my situation, Before 2.3, I touched eternal league, unlocked the 3 class vanities. Dropped down to mythic(people beating me down to mythic in defence mode).
Then 2.3 came.
The new Eternal Vanity was unlocked in my account.

Hope this helps the devs, though, it’s just more of scanning the code, because there might be an error in the code, and most people say that they did not receive it, but that is just 0.0001% of the players in the game on the forums, there are many players that dont go on the forums heh…So can’t leave out the rest of the player population.

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so i was one of that .0001% chance dat had bug? lel super unlucky

He steal the vanity from you for sure :smiley:

@Msiiek pretty sure lets report this fella for being lucky. lel

@Violetisfat deffence mode means not playing while your mmr changes isn’t it?

I found a strategy I must wear weak gear to be drop