Patch 2.5 - Patch Notes


Just tried it, fixed. TY @tdaniel :+1:


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Please consider fixing cyclone mythic. Pls pls pls :’(


New set looks fun! :smile:

Just 2 questions about Stealth:

Is the change to Stealth (where it doubles chance to Dodge) beyond the Dodge cap?

And what is meant by Base CD and Internal CD? Can you just say in layperson English how Stealth CD changed - like, did u make Stealth faster or slower between casts?

Btw good call on the Storm changes centering it on the toon. Idk why but it used to look like it cast in random locations on my Samsung tablet.

Thx guys😘


@Annabells stealth double dodge rate should be over the cap. Cd duration was the.same they just inc the mechanics and inc the cooldown from 10sec to 16 sec


Internal CD determines when the next Stealth can trigger. So if you have “Stealth Proc”, it can only actually trigger every 3 seconds.


Did this patch nerf wizard storm skill? I noticed my skill DPS dropped from 1.2m to 429k. Using druidic wand (arc), cosmic shield (nova) time warp exchanged for shield wall, equality chest (equivalence), brutal helm, nadroji ring and talisman. All set for max HP, Regen, poison damage and dot. HP Regen 7k MP Regen 14.7k. is this DPS drop from a skill nerf. Or is it from my changing time warp to shield wall? Thanx


Storm was only buffed. What changed was the default attack speed of Wands, which had no interaction with Storm. Your character stats DPS might have changed, but that’s a fault of the formula. It also doesn’t take the Hit Frequency into consideration, which has been increased.


I don’t think Storm’s KNOCKBACK works. I didn’t see anything knocked when it hits the enemies.


Secretly hoping mystery wiki poster is staying on top of latest updates. :joy:


just got bought the new vanity. is there any set effect on the vanity?


No update…in playstore…


The Vanity Items will be sent through the in game message system. They will start going out tomorrow GMT -6. Should have mentioned it was Central Time (US). Sorry for the confusion!!

Christmas Giveaways?

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Check your stockings, my vanities just arrived. TY SBI!!!


I lost mine due to lag.

i clicked claim and says “message does not exist”

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Just DM me with your DQ Account email address. I will get them to ya


I thought about SS them but then decided not too so that I didnt ruin the surprise :wink:


Thank you SBI for the VERY generous item rarity boost!!! Wonderful Christmas gift to compliment the free skins! Merry Christmas & Happy 2017!