Patch Notes

This patch address a few bugs that were introduced in the previous patch and it includes some updates we will be using in future patches/features.

New Wiki:
We have created a new Wiki for Dungeon Quest on GamePedia. A link was added to the main menu that points to the new wiki. The wiki is still very new and we encourage anyone who wants to contribute to do so. Thanks in advance!

Bugs/Issues addressed:

Video Ads in game: Recently one of the ad providers we use for ads in our game made a few fundamental changes to how they display ads in games or apps that use their platform. This caused a video ad (unable to be skipped) to play every time a player loaded into a new level.
Our update limits this behavior based on platform and time of day. Players who see ads when a level loads should only see between 1 to 3 of these per hour instead of an Ad every time the level loads.

Enslaver/Cartographer / Enemy boost: This was reported on the forums early last week and this patch address this issue.

Control Options: We are adding new controls to the game over the next few patches and this patch includes some support for testing purposes.


i don’t have the link in the main menu.

If you are playing on mobile with an internet connection it will appear in the Message of the Day box on the left side of the main menu.

It will rotate through three links, the wiki link will be the first or second image to appear.


yesterday i found this.