Patch Released


I cannot reproduce this on my end. What type of device are you playing on?


Galaxy S9


I won’t ha e access to one of those until it releases next week. But I use a note8 and have no issues, I don’t know why the 9s would be different.


changed password on my old S7 and now login on the S9 works


Thanks for the info! Will try to track down this issue on our end.


I will be sure to update :smiley:


We found and corrected the issue on our end. In the mean time if you need to have your password reset send an email to and I will get you updated manually.


Hi tdaniel,
Since the latest patch, I haven’t been able to play any adverts in either pve or pvp.
The videos don’t load… so I get no boosts :sob:.

Is it something on my end?

Playing on an Amazon Fire HD…


hmmmm…could be and issue with the build. I will double check this on my end (but i swear I had a candy panda thing ad during testing).

Thanks for the heads up!


No problem…

I deleted the .chartboost folder early on after installing the latest patch, thinking that would clear up the problem, and it never regenerated…

It’s seems as though I may not be connecting to the AD server.?.


which fire tablet are you running? I will make sure I test on the same one here.


I’m running a Fire HD 8 Generation 5…


i have a problem bug those boost that i have on my mailbox. the boost was experience. but when you claim it change into Drop boost .


I also encounter it can’t play video to get a free boost.


I am seeing this issue on my end now as well (no ad boost available). Will look into this and will have an update next week.

There will be a small update patch going out this weekend that will address the Password reset bug that is currently present.


@tdaniel fix the wrong boost issue. thanks.


Haha kayang kaya mo naman ihack yan lodi


What is the “wrong boost issue”? Sorry, I may have missed a post somewhere.


reply on my mssg @tdaniel


Time 2 rise 2 eternalleague again :slight_smile: ty 4 the update