Patch Released


Just a quick heads up!

We released a new patch this afternoon across all devices which should be ready for download this afternoon (GMT -6).
It is a small patch update that addresses two bugs we found in the Battle Arena end of round summary and end of match summary.

This update does require the latest version of Dungeon Quest to play in the Battle Arena, so if you have not updated you will get a pop up warning telling you to download the latest patch.

We will also reset the Arena shortly after we can confirm all platforms have the latest patch.

While the Arena is being reset, leaderboard, and new password functionality will be unavailable. We will let everyone know as soon as everything is up and ready to go!

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Hey @tdaniel what time will it be in UK?


If you are using google play it should be available in the next 2 - 4 hours. So at latest 11:00pm London (GMT 0) time


Oh I will be in bed by then lol. Will download to both devices in the morning. Can’t wait for the arena reset.


Will there be a new season, or just reset the arena ?


Updated in UK on Google play :slight_smile: And Amazon now.


New vanitys perhaps??


No, this is just a bug update. The reason the arena is being reset is to make sure the two issues that we fixed can take effect for the new matches that are played.




Thank you for the update already updated my Dq but I encounter

Already uploaded my save date at cloud.


Tested on my end, I can log in to battle arena with the google version with no issues


I’m having the same problem as Eater…

Updated to the latest patch (Amazon Fire HD)…

Can access the Arena and play, but the Leaderboards page tells me I need to update in order to view the stats…


Android user Pvp “Arena” is fine but cant access to Leaderboards it show to the picture I uploaded


I understand now. Yes those will be down until the arena is reset.

This also effects the password reset function in the game. So if you need to reset your password it will not be functional until the leaderboard update is complete.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we will let everyone know as soon as this is good to go.


I have the same problem telling me i need newer version to login, does this mean you can not logon to download your characters on a new device until the leaderboard stuff is done?


Have this problem too


Free boost pls?:grin:


Issue should be fixed with password resets and leaderboard access.


still saying i need new version when i try to update the new password after reset.