Patch Released today

A new DQ patch was released today. Have a great holiday weekend!

Whats in it:
In patch 3.1 we introduced new rare item/weapons sets. In this patch we are increasing the drop rate of the new item sets.
Several gold purchases have been adjusted to give more gold when purchasing.
For issues with a previous purchase please try the following:
Start Dungeon Quest
On the main menu press “Settings” then “Social/IAP” then “Restore Purchases”

When can you get it:
Android - Currently releasing to the Google Play Store
Apple/iOS Mobile Devices - Currently releasing to the Apple App Store
Apple/iOS TV Devices - Currently being reviewed for release.
Amazon Devices - Currently being reviewed for release.


Woahhhhhhhh :heart_eyes: :scream:


Im IOS :tired_face::tired_face:!!

The patch is here!!!:heart_eyes::smiley:


this is what new players are waiting for.
thank you DQ-Shiny Box Dev

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Does it mean it has new set affixes? Did I get that right?

Yup there are 4 new sets

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Awesome! Thanks for the update.

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I clear floor 500 to 600+ mythic 3 and did no get a single obsidian crystal. I even bought the 2hr crystal boost. What’s up with that?

mythitech is the one ( so far) the best set in pvp, among all the new items released.

I agree, mythstones don’t get nerfed in pvp as much as nornal stats, and shadows would be great if perseverance wasnt so over powered,
This is my simple build vs a player with assumingly no perseverance

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Thats sad bro.
I just power farm level 200 for 2 hours and got 2 obsidian through converting eternal.
Talk about unlucky dude…

Wow ive just read this.

Welcome back to this game self. But sad to say im gonna play this game as newbie with experience because i forgot my old account bit its okay .starting from beggineng challenge me. Hi to all active players out there :blush:


hey what about try adding some hire i mean you can hire but using only is gold and they will choose to use a real money or gold

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