Path of Exile/ Grim Dawn / D3 ROS

Any one of you guys here play path of exile or one of those said games

Played D3 and made a thousand USD off it. Then quit.

Played PoE for a bit but trade got really cluttered and updates slowed down, so I quit.

Might be starting PoE again soon, though.

I play D3, waiting for RoS to come out, pretty excited for that. Ive been wanting to try PoE, but i simply dont have the time for all the games I play already plus normal everyday stuff =/

I heard D3 ROS has improved a lot of aspects that D3 missed
glad the AH is gone ,

i havent touched POE since 3 months . But i heard things stays the same as it used to be back before its released
with Standard league basically being a dumpster league cuz prices are too high

i feel that these 3 games has features DQ devs may consider implementing
like passive tree?
improved gore?

Played D3 for a while, quitted because my laptop can’t handle it lol. I really would like to play the new D3 expansion, which is coming out next year. xD

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