How does pathfinder works?

Reduces dmg taken and increases damage by 12.5% of your dodge. So you need dodge for this to works.

Take your dodge, then multiply your dodge (10% = 0.1, 20% = 0.2 …) by the % of Pathfinder bonus (62.5% at Pathfinder [5] = 0.625).

  • Your DMG and DMG Reduction increases by the multiplication above.
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I’m confused on this one. Both damage reduction and damage boost by 12.5%.

I got these by empirical tests.

But the damage reduction on stats still the same even when i equip pathfinfer with and dodge

Your using a different formula?

Damage reduction is multiplicative not additive.

pathfinder depends on dodge what you have, put aleast 30%dodge, its enough with pathfinder, no need to calculate if you dont understand how to calculate :wink: ( like me) :joy::grin:

Nope. You can check it yourself, just look at “DMG reduction” on stats screen before and after pathfinder.

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You’re correct that it’s 62.5% of dodge for increased DMG and damage Reduction.

62.5% of 60% dodge = 37.5% increased DMG and DMG Reduction.

In PvP , you can get Pathfinder (3) at 37.5% of dodge but dodge cap is only 24%. I don’t think many would actually much dodge if at all in PvP. Rogue does get some dodge through stat points but yeah. You do get base 10% dodge that gets nullified by Flawless Victory but it is still there and rogue at full power stat points is 6% extra dodge or something like that.

Although let’s assume we have full 24% dodge and for some reason you wanted damage and damage Reduction via Pathfinder (3).

37.5%×24%= 9% DMG and DMG Reduction. Not very big at all for a pathfinder set affix in PvP, even with maxed dodge. Might as well use Hyper Armour . Although 9% permanent damage Reduction set in stone multiplied is ok but there’s better ways to reduce damage. Or 9% MP absorb extra.

If deadly arts (3) at PvP for a DMG PvP build or so and 24% deadly strike , you get the full 24% DMG reduced but also a chance to reset CD on 24% deadly strike by 3% , assuming you crit alot. I do have nice etermal deadly arts pet for PvP but to make use of it maybe not much.

Although it’s not too far fetched to even attempt a deadly arts build as there’s a way. I can even think of a DMG reduces deadly arts build that actually damages. It however may not be very good but it certainly has potential to be.

I also got a very good eternal elements pet slime with nice affixes for PvP. Why that I get good eternal pets for PvP or PvE but the set affix sometimes screws me over. Although I definitely got a fair share of good eternal pet.

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In the PvE visual damage reduction screen, only dodge will show your reduced damage changing on the specific example you listed. There is no visual difference in the PvE reduction stats when you equip pathfinder with Dodge affixes. If you have gears with Dodge and do not have Pathfinder, the reduction will show the same information when you equip Pathfinder (It’s Dodge that is lowering your PvE screen). The only thing I can deduce is that you must have Dodge on the gear with Pathfinder set @luisfsk.

You will still get the damage reduction from Pathfinder but it is just not visually displayed. At Pathfinder (5) you get Reduced Damage and Increased Damage by 12.5%x5 or 62.5% of Dodge. If you have 60% Dodge, then your respective Damage Increase and Damage Reduction would be 62.5%x60% or 37.5%.