How is ways to pay for slots in Google Play Store? I must have a bank account?

(I am not good at english bro!)

Do not need a bank account.

Buy a Google Play card at a store. Then load the card number into your Google account.

Then just click to buy the slot in game.

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Google Play cards are not available everywhere though. Check here to see if they’re in your country.

Can i buy slots using PLN card? (polish money)

(I am not good at english bro!)

[quote=“kubacacy”]Can i buy slots using PLN card? (polish money)

(I am not good at english bro!)[/quote]

Did you not even bother to click on Rubiks link to check your country/currency ?

( open wide, while we spoon feed you ) Poland 50 zł, 75 zł, 150 zł

Your lucky its so close to Christmas, and im full of the holiday spirit, or I would be flaming your sorry, lazy ass :imp:

Just an info to help my fellow filipino dungeon questers using the SUN CELLULAR network. Payment option via prepaid load is now available. You can now purchase slots and other packages even without credit card. :smile:

Carrier Billing is a surprisingly convenient way to purchase IAP’s and has been around for a very long time. No credit card needed.

Click Direct Carrier billing to see if your provider supports this.

In the Philippines, all networks support this method of payment, so no problems here :smiley:


You can use a google play card in any country. You just need to set your google account to some place where it is enabled, like San Francisco, as example.

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