Perfect RNG

Is it possible for us to get perfect score for all affix in gear…???

Yes :joy: i always go for perfect, never leave some1 12,1 for example, with obsidian i do one trick. Before usng obsiian i upload my save on dq cloud and then i use obsidian, if stats not perfect i delete game and repeat, but since in 3.0 pach u can downlaod only once in 3 hours it is way harder, but i still go for perfect stats :smiley:

Yes but lots and lots of crystals and dedication. It was easier for me in 2 0 but ever since 2.1+ and 3.0, I have to really try to get perfect affixes and pray to RNGesus too.

Legend affixes from ruby isn’t so bad as if its imperfect on 25% quality item, I can get ruby again but so many damn ruby’s. 50 potential ruby just to get perfect item drops %.

For things like 200% WD and 100% ED, lots of diamonds beforehand and then hope that crystal affix is perfectly rolled and the second legend affix Push the Limit or some other affix not obtained by Ruby.

Lots of hope that you get perfect gears and dedication.


Yes indeed. There should be any way to make all stats perfect, idk maby with in-game value,dust or $, because its pain in the butt to make obsidian stats perfect, or for example almost impossible to roll perfect 50% pth and 100ed% on cognition, there should be solution, i hope dq mods will try to find it @tdaniel