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Hi Hi, I have a question about which I would like to consult: I was seeing several builds which Perfect statistics aside from using diamonds for that, is there any trick? Always, every time I try to add stats via ruby ​​or obsidian, I never get to be perfect, if there is some trick or some way, other than just luck, I would like to know, thank you very much

Eternal itens just by crafting again until you get it with the best stats possible, as you cant use crystals on it.

All other itens, after you have all the affixes you want, you level it to 100 with Peridot, increase it’s quality with Emerald till 25% (max), and Diamond it to get the perfect stats for the obsidian and ruby affixes. After that you can just Fluorite the epic affixes, they’re getting maxed pretty easy.

First step: get a legend item with a red unique affix you can’t obtain in other ways (and possibly also a green one)
Second step: reroll with diamond to max out that affix
Third step: use obsidian only when you have 1000+ luck (in legend maps it’s easy to obtain)
Fourth step: add possibly a mythic affix (you may have to pospone third step if the item has already a set affix you need, but this is very risky)
Fifth step: add amethyst, ruby and topaz for other affixes - ruby can be rerolled with Kyanite, topaz more easily with just Fluorite.
Sixth step: Zircon + Mythstone never fail

Oh, and don’t forget to max out the quality with Emeralds before any reroll!

Ofc. Some quality advice :smile: :ok_hand: :thumbsup:.

I have a trick: Always use legend items, they look like have more chance of getting perfect on crafting. I also lock screen for fast diamond usage, I usually needs less than 50 crystals for perfecting a legend/crystal affix.

Seems to be the case for me . Although I thought mythics would increase the roll chance to perfect rolls since it sounds like higher rarity than legends. Although it could also be the same or worse than legends…

Or legends have the same roll chance as mythics to be perfect. Although legends are still much better than non legends to roll crystals to perfection since on lower rarity items, I found that it’s harder to get perfect rolls and use more crystals.

Ok thanks a lot for the notices, I’ll take everyone into account, they are very useful to me

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I usually feels mythic increases less than legend ones.

max level quality and super highfloor that is working on theory mode :joy: just pray for RNG not to troll might help too