Perfect to near Perfect Farming Packsize with Magic (excluding rare enemies and epic enemies) Maps so far I found

Also got extremely lucky and found 4 eternal maps in a week and this is my crystal supply after a few hours and days of normal farm. 1 to 2 hour sessions lol. The other hour is spent for PvP to no 1.

From 2 ruby all the way to 16 in a day and from 6 to 11 obsidian. That was in a hour of today or two. So many legends and eternal converted helps a lot. Fortune bringer ftw. Also I always spend crystals and almost always bankrupt as I test many things.

I don’t use item shrine. Why? It’s not effective if you already reached the cap of item drops. Also magic enemies and packsize is more than enough. It’s much much harder to get magic enemies, rare enemies , epic enemies and packsize on the map and even rarer to get perfect. Almost impossible.

It’s not a placebo, it actually gives 50% item drops but if you have maxed out item drops, it doesn’t do anything and is a placebo at that point.

Also, it’s more efficient in terms of gold and finding legends to have a packsize with magic enemies since they’re as common as normal enemies at 100-200% magic enemies. Rare enemies 500% is less efficient than 140%-150% magic enemies map. Epic enemies easily farmed by shrines anyways and rare enemies aren’t worth the time on getting on the map. Rare enemies are fairly rare and even at 500%, they’re as rare as magic enemies without the extra magic enemies %.

Aiming for 2 which is packsize and magic enemies is much much easier too even if it spends 10 or more larimars.

Nice C will you keep them as trophies or play them? :slight_smile: I also aim for Magic Enemies and Pack Size when I feel like rolling my maps. I can see the difference when I play with magic enemies affix but not so much with rare enemies +% and I’m impartial to the Epic Enemies affix. If I roll it with the others then great otherwise I don’t worry much about it. If I don’t want to bother rerolling a ton then just go for Pack Size 130%+ :smile:

nice map affix

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Same here. Although to be honest, I have like 7k kyanite and 1.7k larimars and whenever I do floors 200 and so spending many larimars and diamonds doing magic enemies plus packsize 140%+, I always get so much kyanite and some larimars to make up for lost diamonds and larimars in floor 200. I’m glad I’m not running out anytime soon due to collecting so many crystals of kyanite, sapphire, fluorite, emeralds, etc.

Also sometimes I get very lucky and get them within very few rolls and sometimes this happens 4 times in a row or you buy them 3 times in a row in one day. I guess RNG really does like me.

I played them anyways but I did take picture of them which will last forever in Google photos and forums. I stopped have 3 eternal map waiting though and 1 is almost perfect every affixes.

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Almost perfect magic enemies, packsize with epic enemies. Now put the rare enemies lol.

9% quality maps are very rare to come by but perfect 150% packsize to 200% magic enemies in general. If it was all 4, would be hard to get all perfect like rare enemies, epic enemies along with magic enemies and packsize but Nadroji bonus is best for more of those 3.

I got fabled staff, unreal hood and lots of ultra rare mythstones here…

Uploading… This was mine

Try Max this .Uploading…

You’re hadn’t uploaded yet. Can you upload again. Wait until 100% uploaded.

Ugh cnt upload again, well I got rare map +3 epic , 180% magic enemy 448% rare and 138% pack size.