Permafrost bonus?


I have 5 permafrost, why isn’t the bonus activated?


You have to equip at least 2 permafrost pieces +set numbers wont give you any bonus dude.


If you are trying to use this for PvP, you only need 1 set to activate the bonus. During an arena match, go look at your gear and it will be highlighted on You will not see it highlighted if you’re playing as hireling.


@Mr_Scooty sir what about zealotory?


Major suckage




Reckon so… I tried it out thinking it would be amazing. It was not worth it in PvP. Too much for so little benefit


Ahh, thank you, yes I was trying it for pvp


You’re welcome. :+1:


Bonus affix in pvp now its expose before its not. Thanks to the tester who expose it Sir F


Zealotry is one of the most unused set affix alongside with iceburn and smokescreen whether it is for pvp or pve :cry:. And i didnt know there was a set called golden veins before…it’s weird and useless. Gives bonus mp while gold indicator is showing :confounded:


Golden Veins was changed to Satyr’s Spirit. as for anything in DQ, until someone has a great idea for some part of the game no one uses very much…for example, @dickwad is using the Seven Deadly Sins Set in PVP using an amusing but well thought out build. it’s like a rock no one pays attention to, then someone picks it up, does some research, and now some ignored rock is saving lives and making someone rich.


I take back every criticism I made when I found my first deadly sins items. Sometimes surprises come disguised. If you go looking for deadly sins make sure your character is a warrior or has a warrior hireling. Drops at floor 500 plus mythic 3. Craft the legend set versions. The eternal amulet is well worth keeping and inserting a master stone in


I don’t know how, but I found all 6 of the 6DS items with my Wizard playing solo. there are a lot of Sets and Affixes that I look at and go ‘no, that doesn’t look good, and not only that, I don’t think that would go well with my playing style’. then there are others that I go ‘hmm, I wonder what I can do with that? I wonder why I don’t see any posts in the Forums about that? ohh! I just had a great idea!’ and one of the best things about the Forums is that, even if I don’t think someone’s ideas will work for me, it might get my thinking going in a direction that might turn into an interesting idea for a build.
well, I just realized that this is a Battle Arena thread, so, umm, even though my post looks like it would sound good for PVE, some of the build tricks you learn in PVE can be used in PVP to make a good Arena Toon. of course, if you read enough of the Arena posts, there are some tricks that can be used in the Arena that can’t be used in PVE.


I’m going to have to many more builds. I want to experiment with taunt and haunting


that would be a tough combination. Haunting causes fear, which makes the targets move away, while Taunt draws the enemy in to be hurt. I am using Storm, with Fire and Immolation, so my enemies are getting knocked back. if I use Storm first, then Taunt to draw them in, works great. if I use Taunt first, then Storm, sometimes the Storm knocks the targets out of range of the Taunt, so they take less damage.


I just had an insane idea of controlling the opponent. Taunt draws them in. Horror drives them away. All the same the opponent is out of control so I can blinkstrike them.


timing is important for sure! and losing control is bad, unless you are the one in control. :wink: