I never really paid attention to rogue class till now. I just realized that as long as you have 50% dodge, along with stealth, you are basically invincible. Now with that though in mind, I was wondering if it’s possible to make a permastealth build in the current patch.

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As much as I want to experiment by, I simply don’t have enough resources to squander.

you need 40 stealth and a lot of cd reduction (also need epiphany). This strategy only works for rogue I think

I was wondering in another thread if a Wizard could go Stealth 20 or 30, using Epiphany & Hunger Sets, and get the same results. or at least come close.

if you’re in the middle of a battle with enemies in PVE, and hit Stealth, that split second that it takes for Stealth to activate might be the time you die. best to pay attention to it’s cool down, and hit Stealth when you’re not being attacked. that’s also why it’s best to have your Dodge at +60% or better and have Sanctuary. makes it harder for Death to come visiting your Character.

40 stealth, 75% Reduced CD, Epiphany(5), 20 Veil