Personal farming guide for beginners!

This is my personal guide that I follow. Fairly easy and it’s been pretty good to me.

Once you reach floor 200. Stick to that floor. This is what I do.

I put it on Very Easy(just 1 shots the entire time) so farming is super easy. I clear the entire map and then kill the boss at the end. I repeat for a few hours. I usually come out of my farming with 30-40 legendaries(convert these into crystals) sometimes an eternal legendary, and almost always a Nadroji or pretty rare piece and usually around 2-3 million gold. My gear is Just all +5 fortune and pickup radius gear. With a Crystalline helm/Weapon and +Luck Ring/Neck. All found doing this. Anyone can do this, once you get super awesome gear, you can start progressing up the map levels.

This is what I found on my last run.


thanks for sharing! +1

If you can get your green affix to (5). It will help you out a lot. BTW nice guide for starters.

great guides :innocent:

don’t forget to check Gold Find, Luck and Item Drops stats as well, the higher the better

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How can I +5 my items?

You can use the mythstone elixer:

On an ring /amulet with sockets to get.
Plus 2all set# from ring + plus 2all set# from amulet + green affix =5

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