Personal Idea

It just an idea tho. Ive seen alot cheater with modified eternal item. it unfair right. As i having private conversation with steiger before, he said:

“When it comes to deciding to spend our time between adding awesome things for legit players, or spending time stopping hackers, we’ll usually choose to spend time adding awesome things.”

So the awesome thing I want is why don’t just make eternal item can be modified.? I mean make all crystal stone usable on eternal item except peridot Crystal, since this idea about improving legit player game play and being legit and fair. It just will be unfair for player that grind eternal item on floor above 500.

This idea might be insane tho, but hell we really need more power booster. For pve player may not consider when use some random eternal item. But for PvP it will be hell grind season for all player. Finding rare legend is hard. Finding eternal rare legend with core PvP affix like stun immute blind immute even harder…

Just make eternal item viable to mod will make Dev having less trouble doing ban thing lol, (I prefer giving them more peace time to think more feature than spending time flagging and banning lol) the trouble left now is finding crystal/mythic stone/gold hacker.

Great question!

Before Eternals existed, there were only Legends and Crystals and Mythstones.

With Crystals and Mythstones, you are able to create very powerful gear. So powerful, that Legends became more and more useless and unexciting when dropped. During this time in the game, players would only be excited for MS/CS drop, or the occasional Legend that they could rip apart for one affix.

There was a lot of time put into the design of Legend items, but the players were not using them as designed anymore. Crystal enchanting gave too much freedom and Legends just become either vendored or completely altered. Players were complaining that Legends were useless, and we agreed!

So the answer was to create Eternal Legends which were much more powerful, (close to the power of what you could create with MS/CS) and could not be modified to the extent that normal Legends could. We did this so that players could once again look forward to item drops.

We want it to remain this way, and we strive to improve the design of Legends even more so that the Eternal versions are that much better. We feel that there should be two viable ways to have powerful gear, through crafting and through drops. Gear should look like a mix of crafted Crystal/Mythic items, and found Eternals.

If we went back on this idea and allowed Eternals to be modifed, we’d run into the exact same problem as we had before. We feel there’s no problem specifically with needing Eternals to be modified, so we would rather not recreate old problems.

Instead the issue we hope to solve with 2.1 is that there’s a few times in item progression where players feel “stuck”. Our plan is to introduce more constant and satisfying reward for playing the game. This is a general issue we’re solving with improved drop rates, more gear to find, more sensible PvE mechanics, and much more.


I understand the option to prevent the bulk of modification on Eternals, buy why not Peridot to at least get it up to level 100? The affixes and stats aren’t necessarily being modified or changed to something else, just making it as powerful as it can be.

Though I suppose the drive there would be to keep grinding away to get those Level 100 Eternals…

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IMO, the reason why I didn’t use eternal legends as much as MS/CS items is simply the flexibility. It doesn’t have to be more powerful, but as long as it can fit into my current build and play style, I’ll use it. So the term “powerful” shouldn’t be seen from affix power alone, but the flexibility to fit into certain builds as well.
Example: eternal obsidian dagger, since this item fits perfectly with blinker rogue in pvp, all top eternal league rogue players use them at the moment :smile:

Suggestion, make more rare affix that only available via Legend drops especially related to PvP, so people will hunt them like crazy (hint: Taunt immune for facing clogon :joy: )

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Interested in finding out how u intend to make item progression less static on eternal bound builds. Take my prismatic proc mage for example…biggest upgrade would be a level 100 eternal cataclysm. My current eternal cataclysm is 43. How is stagnancy going to be fixed when that is the only upgrade left I need and I will probably never see another eternal cataclysm much less it be level 100? I have actually considered manually building a cataclysm because of this. I could make a level 100 ring with hunter mythic and all 5 proc affixes instead of hoping to find level 100 eternal cataclysm. And it would be much quicker to do. Eternals rarity is precisely the reason it ends up unexciting. Out of 10 eternal drops I’ve kept 2, converted the rest, and the 2 I kept are on the chopping block due to custom gear being better overall whole being far easier to obtain.

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We’ve been adding more and more flexibility to Eternals each patch, and may get at least one more Crystal enabled for them in 2.1. We’re going to remain strict on not allowing affix modification though.

I addressed that with the last paragraph of my previous post. We’ll give a bit more detail once we are further along in patch development, but that’s the general direction we’re going.

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What about a way to create an eternal from an existing legend a player has already found?

Maybe as a reward from achievement (kill X(10-20?) mythic enemies gives a eternal crystal. Eternal crystal will reroll your affixes to eternal stats ( with limitations of course)

This would provide a way, though not overly easy, to make useful eternals.

Of course once the item is eternal it will be limited in future modifications such as all eternals, so this is a decision that can’t be made too easily.

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I’d love to do this. There’s a few ways we could do it, but our favorite way would require another patch at a later time :smile:

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well, IMO it’s not as rare as before, especially since the introduction of BA where you can get eternal chest.
So now there’s two sure ways to obtain eternal items:

  • mythic monster achievement
  • eternal trophy

And you can somewhat “control” the item that you’ll get.
For item level, just get the achievement/open the chest in highest floor possible (500+ floor is guaranteed lvl 100 if I’m not mistaken)
For type, you can refer to legendex (ex: obsidian dagger is found near lava so it’s obvious you have to find it in fire dungeon).

doest that just same as what i suggest.? it will allow player create/make powerfull eternal much easier. dont u think.? let say i found nadroji robe, it have +%ED legend and stun. both are rare affix that only can get through drop. Invest more time to craft. and spamming feat for making it eternal. = Fully mod eternal. it same. plus will be much easier than finding eternal rare legend for base item to start crafting… Whatever plan Dev make to improve crafting method. i hope diamond will be available to use on eternal, it weird to see my eternal obsidian blade lvl 85 have better roll affix than my second eternal obsidian blade lvl 100.

Nope. What I would implement is something where you can at least dictate which Eternal you get through using Legends as a material, but definitely not carry over any custom affixes. That would give us the same exact problems as I mentioned earlier.

but if this was done, wouldn’t it mean that players would get a legend, max out the level and affixes, then make it an eternal? it would be similar to the earlier prob where people focus on crafting and not on the drops.

I guess you can put conditions on it. Like it becomes a eternal chest that gives a specific equipment.
If you open the chest you don’t have any power on the affix value.

hmm. i guess that would work, but let’s just see how the devs would handle this

I think what @SteigerBox would Implement is sort of a crafting system that requires a legend version of what eternal item you want, not exactly turn that item to an eternal, but use that item to make an eternal version. Kinda hard to explain directly, so I think it would be something like this:

Eternal Crafting

Eternal Mutiny
Fire Dmg%
Dmg to Elites
Requirements: Mutiny, Obsidian(1)


Or maybe even:

Eternal Conversion

2 Mutiny
< 1 Eternal Mutiny >


Hope I explained that well, kinda hard to put it into words. Lol.

EDIT: Or because @Emman has a simpler solution, why not that one then? @Emman Ima hunt you down and force you to treat me lunch or a drink or something. :confused:



i understand what you’re saying. but it’s still a bit of ‘crafting’ in a sense. Even i can’t express my thoughts clearly about this so i’m just gonna wait for the next patch(es).

I know I will probably never see a eternal chests lolz. An as I see it that will mean It will be even harder for new players to get to the ranks. I don’t mind the grinding. I rather do that any day then have to pay to win like most games. An now that I think about it that’s why Google won’t put this in there no WiFi no problem section. Cuz they don’t make much money on it. IMO of course. An I could be wrong.

Do you think using amber on eternals is a good idea? It does feel odd sometimes for playstyle. I am not too sure ifnit will be very broken in campaign or arena but it will help anyones playstyle i guess. It means I can have my low dps eternal immortal staff eith meteor which is my favourite skill. I know ideas a bit too much to ask but it seems ok from my POV.

EDIT:Jaspers allows good flexibility in next patch but just an idea for next patch for amber to work. I know crystal affixes do sometimes appear on eternals but just a thought: Should obsidian work on eternal for fabled items and it would be like epic affixes? You can get crystal affixes on eternal with crystalline and eternalized but why not on fabled eternals? It would be just the pain it should be. I think it would encourage players to grind obsidians for days and get eternal fabled eternally. It sounds like it would create interesting combinations. I know not everyone will do it but some players super dedicated to the game would certainly love to constantly look for eternal fabled and add obsidians with topazs and hope for the best. I know I would eventually try the idea that I just suggested this very post.

Agreed with this…

Or some fun
you could mod first on existing item legends and make it to eternal.
You could improve by emerald until 25% and set back to 0%, but the item was change to eternal (eternal stage) then unlocked improving 50% quality.

But if there’s a crystal affix on it, it become crystal legend, then the eternal legend do not triggered… and 50% quality didn’t unlocked

That’s basically crafting an eternal with crystals…kinda ruin the purpose of an eternal no?