Pet Affix Question

Why my two legendary pets at level 99 have different values of the same affix

Pet1: fire dmg+4950
Pet1: crushing blow 9.9%
Pet2: fire dmg+5000
Pet2: crushing blow 10.0%

Pet2 automatically gets max affix without rerolling why Pet1 can’t get max stats

Thank you.

If u killed 3 Enslaver and collect 3 pets from him for the finish Feat while ur 2nd pet equipped it’s affixes increases.


sometimes it takes awhile. I have had a few pets that had values that didn’t max out after finishing the Enslaver Feat a few times. there were some times that it took finishing the Feat a lot of times before they all maxed out. you can use Fluorite to try to max the affix, but it costs 5 Fluorite each time you try to max it out, and it might take a lot of tries or only 1 try, depends on how Lucky you are with RNG. one thing I have noticed is that when you finish the Feat, sometimes it will improve 0, 1, or more than 1 affix at a time, and it is especially noticeable when your pet is max level. I think that since the affix that is improved is random, it might have improved an affix that is already maxed out, so you just have to wait and finish the Feat more times or use Fluorite.

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If u use fluorite(or whatever) when u have one piece can get max stats cheaper.

well, umm, I am not going to waste all the ones I have just to go down to one, it was hard enough farming for them in the first place. and I have the Crystal and Myth Stone Stash, so I can’t have 1 in another bag by itself. @perseusdoge I challenge you to make a better Farm Build so you don’t have to worry about using 1 or 5 Crystals at a time on Pets! I will admit, my Farm Build could use some improvement, but I have used the same Pet for farming for quite awhile, but it is when crafting Pets for other builds that I go through Crystals fast.

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Lol calm down man i’ve already told it to Yszel and if u want yes u can :smiley_cat:

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:blush: oops, I guess I need to learn who is posting to who better, and I need to do the same, so that I cause less confusion.

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Thank you so much, perseusdoge

and Golem, you are always active & helpful !


Np man i’ve just made a build with relax and funny playing actually we can make better.

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we all were like you, asking questions and looking for answers. someday, you will be like us, helping those who want to have fun with DQ.

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Just killing enslavers will eventually max up your equipped pets because your pet gets buffed