Pet afixes

Trying to figure out if any a fixes, and in case of a ‘yes’, then which afixes/which crystals can be used for the purpose.
As I understand this message - some crystals might work on some pets… Or?

All the best

The only crystal that can be applied to pets is calcite :smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hey, could you change these kind of messages and make them more helpful?

For example, in this case:
Cannot apply crystal, only Calcite is allowed on Pets.

Not easily. All messages follow a specific pattern:

Cannot apply (insert name of item used) on this (insert targeted item type).

Creating such unique texts takes a while due to limits of game engine. (The Elements set for example required the editing of ~150 different files IIRC what the devs said)

Though I do agree that there should be a list somewhere in game.