Pet buff /enslaver bug

I believe the enslaver pet buff feat may be bugged. I had an epic imp on and nothing ever changed. After equipping a rare imp I got an epic affix buff of Dodge. But it had a rare affix of Dodge already. This is usually fixed when equipping an item with double affixes but since the pet was already equipped it never changed. So I unequipped and and it changed to a base Dodge of 5 and lost the epic affix totally. Wish i had screenshot it but it’s too late. Just didn’t want anyone getting falsely reported for double stats

And just to clear this up. If you have a pet equipped with an open affix slot when completing the feat(rescue enslaved pets) you may get a double affix on your item. Until you switch pets this double affix will NOT correct itself.

Hey! This is intended. Once if you got a pet with 2x the same affix, the item filter will automatically delete one of them.

That’s not quite what @Ultradark is saying. He’s saying that the new issue is a pet can get a doubled affix from the Save Enslaved Pets feat, allowing you to have an equipped pet with two of the same affix.

That issue can be abused and/or look like cheating in the arena if not corrected by unequipping and re-equipping the pet.