Pet eternal Do not go up

I take more than 10 hours and I do not rise from 19.3% crushing ,Pet is 100% in all
In other pet I get crushing blow in this single crushing

confuse @_@

you take 10 hours farming for Enslavers “Pet”

you have a 19.3% Crushing Blow?

100% drop pet or pet has a crushing blow?

Not 10 hours playing and not rising of 19.3%

The feat “Save enslaved pets” provides a reward “Buff equipped pet affixes”, but it doesn’t buff your pet affixes every time you complete this feat, it has only a chance of buffing some affixes. So it will probably take a couple of this feats to actually buff your 19.3% Crushing blow affix to 20%. It certainly can take more than 10 hours if you are not specifically hunting for Enslavers.

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Is your pet already level 100? If not, then ofcourse it won’t go any higher than that. Like all your equipments, there’s a certain cap for most affixes based on the item’s level. I’m guessing 19.3% is the cap for items level 91-96. Bottomline is, level your pet up to 100. If it doesn’t go up, complete the “Save Enslaved Pets” atleast once as stated by the post above. If the numbers still doesn’t change, I’m certain that it’s a bug and should be looked at.

I know the buff pet affixes from the feat is bugged.

I have many level 100 pets and sometimes this feat does nothing. Occasionally it’ll change one of the stats a tiny bit, like 41.2% Luck to 41.5% Luck, but often it does nothing whatsoever. Also, even when it does slightly buff an affix, I notice when I go to the next map - the pet’s affix buff is gone and the affix is back to where it was before the buff!!

The buff pets feat is not bugged right now :smile: