Pet Eterno

Despite all my efforts, it is impossible to win an eternal pet :frowning:

help please

It isn’t impossible. I have 4 eternal pets anyways and over 15 legend pets in a year.

Of course with 5 mins monster boost, you can speed run floors 2 or other to the enslaver and kill it immediately and then move on fast as possible. I get 20 pets towards the feat this way. Just something that may help if you didn’t know already.

Also, from whatever I’ve observed, instant kills are more likely to drop rarer pets and legend pets too. Legend pets seem to drop every 50 pets or so and eternal pets seem to drop every 1 time you complete 2 kill 150+ enslaver feats.

I have 1012% luck, 1012% Gold, 350% item drops, eternalized 6, treasured Ascension perk. If I chose legend map or eternal map, this should be 2012% or 1512% gold and luck find with 550% or 750% item drops.

Finally, just keep on farming and farming hard until you eventually get it. Hard work does pay off sooner or later. I’d suggest also supporting Shinybox by spending 0.99$ or so for 1 hour monster boost if you can which may help a lot if you want to find those eternal pets. I still haven’t found my desired eternal pet yet but I’ve got plenty of OK legend pets.