Pet Job Crystals!

Wouldn’t t be cool to have crystals on pets for various jobs instead of three different jobs on pets? Example: Hoard crystal, wish crystal, Attack crystal, ect. That way we can get different jobs/skins for pets, not just same three . Even be able to add limited holiday pets or even in game monster skins. You guys have done amazing adding variety to the game. Pet system needs a little love too.

I believe I love this idea.

On another note why not add pet gear such as ring, collar , teeth, claws… put a pet inv button under main chars… hirlings pet has no inv. For pet .4 armors 4 sockets still randomized for toon but lvl restrictive: first socket lvl 20 pet, 2nd 40, 3rd 60, 4th 80 (Attk crystal only!) That way u gotta work for it :smile:. Also legendary in game pets skeleton—>ignis . Slime —> lamourix all rare legend enslaver spawns. And pet talents on armors boosting pet skills while still having the 5 randomly generated affixs for char…

These ideas are more or less already suggested by testers to Steiger, and some things will be done about pets later, like a pet patch, but dunno how and when it’ll happen :unamused:

You sir, are a genius !
Job change for pets, just like Jasper crystal on items, love it :smiley:

and we are back to applying crystals to pets;) the idea is nice, but dont you ever think how you apply a crystal to a fairy;)

Gynaecology 101 ?

Gynaecology 101 ?[/quote]

She a ratchet. Smh faires these days.

Gynaecology 101 ?[/quote]

She a ratchet. Smh faires these days.[/quote]

LOL oh my ! ratchet fairies … now I need me one of those :wink:

A pet that loot crystals… :smiley: so if you have a big range of AOE, you might miss some crystals that’s hidden from your screen but your pet can get it… x’D

Yep, could have fairy use barrage for attack, hound could be cujo, and imp could have goody bag b-slap! Just a lot of possibilities to add more fun content everything’s been about skills and items but no new backgrounds, need more epic bgm, or in game mp3 player lol.maybe even no class system so could have a rogue-summoner just choose talents and skills from gears. Noticed armores have 2nd talent slot. Idk just trying to share some thoughts here. :smile: wouldn’t mind seeing a few new items that u can summon skeletons or slimes or a new skill to enchant an enemy to fight for you for 3 seconds/rank.

Temp pets? Hmm how about a pet shrine? Could be way to test diff pets and see what peeps like and don’t like. Tag a pet shrine get a temp pet for that floor only. Or perhaps a pet map? Temp pet for just that map.

Love the idea! I’m the sucker who gets really attached to in game pets, particularly dogs. I’m all for anything that would improve my DQ dogs. Not that they aren’t already awesome because they are.

DQ dogs?

Awesome indeed. :smiley:

DQ dogs?

Awesome indeed. :smiley:[/quote]

ROFL :smiley: :laughing:
Nicely done Rubik :wink:

Gotta love the packaging quote “open wide and say mmmm” , sounds like something you would hear on an 80’s porn film :astonished:

Already a feat like this, with the loot imp. :wink:

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You guys are frekin’ awesome!! Also Dairy Queen is DELICIOUS

Thanks, I’ll be here every week. :stuck_out_tongue:

free delivery? my Gf wants to order double!

I’ll have to take your word for it on the deliciousness of DQ hot dogs. Hot dogs aren’t something I eat if I can avoid it. I prefer hamburgers.
As for the pet system I’d like to see the pets be able to aid in combat and gain power by leveling up much like the player.