Pet notification message

It’s very simple, but i want to report it. While I’m in Floor 246, I finished the quest for pet enslavers so i was given pet, the notification said that “Legend Fairy” , so i look up in my inventory and i found out that it was a Legend Slime, not a Fairy :joy::joy:

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Everybody knows how it feels…


Well, i prefer slime , instead of fairy :joy:

guys can you help me ? i cant login to my DQ account :frowning:
i know this is not the right forum. im just new here.
anything can help about this ? :frowning:

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What do you mean by cant login? Wrong password? forgotten password ? Or slow connection?

it says new version of dungeon quest is required to login :frowning:

Are you using the latest version of DQ ? If not , then update to latest version.

client version 2.5
but when i go to playstore there is only choices
uninstall and open T_T
no update button and my play store is auto update .
please help me dont wanna lose my account and character :3

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What version of your android…??

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Upload your character data on dq cloud. Uninstall the current app then install from Google play

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yup upload first then uninstall and intall form playstore then download your data, and pooof