Pet skill give 2skill in pvp and not 3 skills


My pet has 10 manashield skill but when i check in pvp its only gives me +2 manashield instead of +3 …

I rerolled about 20 different times to +10 in PvE and checking each time in pvp to see if it goes to +3 and yet didnt happened.

Is it a bug or im just very unlucky?



Your pet is not fully leveled up. Kill more enslavers to Max that affix. This is not a bug. Do not reroll anymore. Just kill enslavers to Max the value. :+1:



Pet is lvl 100 and another skill on it has +3 in pvp
You mean The feat “buff pet affix” ?



Ok thanks got it only needed to kill 3 enslavers and it buffed my affix :slight_smile:
Never tought the affix buff was permanent lol i always tought my pet had stronger affixes for the level

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Outstanding :+1:

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Never omit to level up a pet . It can be a game changer .



Now if you buff an eternal pet to its maximum ( it’s a common misconception eternal pets don’t level through game play ) then your arena toon may have 6 to skill or talent on pet rather than 4.

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Yes but good luck to hit the 5 affixed needed for the build in usage :slight_smile:



I’ve been quite fortunate with some of my eternal pets . Sometimes a legend pet you can craft is better.