Pet slime

Catch my first slime .

May I ask what floor?

500+ m3 in less than an hour of play after I updated it…

gotta catch em all

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very lucky already got 3 legend slime pet

Wow! Love the prism. :laughing: can you post the VOID if you catch one? Thank you!

My second ever slime pet I found but this was in test patch. Still cool looking though but not the best affixes on pet.

This is my first ever legend pet slime, but my first ever slime was a rare slime (with yellow background and it had fairy icon before the icon for pet slimes were developed). The legend pet is better :slight_smile: and I prefer to call the legend pet my first legit slime with it’s cool icon. Still gotta catch em all :wink: .

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Got this from kill 150 enslavers :smiley:


regular drop… btw anyone got a non legend slime?

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I got a non legend slime pet, but already convert it.

because i wondered that a only got 2 slimes but both were legendary